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Selling your home in the new 2019 colorado market place

Posted on : December 05, 2018

Selling your home by owner in today’s Colorado Market.

Need to sell and asking yourself, " What's going on in the real estate market?"

While the median home value in Denver is $420,000 and home values have gone up by 7.9% over the past year we are predicting a slowdown in appreciation in 2019. While we don’t see a real estate bubble, with the rising interest rates it will most certainly affect the market. According to Zillow the current median list price per square foot in Denver is $429 which is higher than most of the surrounding suburbs. Aurora-Lakewood Metro is averaging around $266 per square foot currently. Foreclosures will be a factor impacting home values over the next several years throughout Colorado. Currently, in Denver 0.3% of homes are in foreclosure. This is lower than the national foreclosure rate of 1.2%. Mortgage delinquency is the first step in the foreclosure process. Mortgage delinquency is when a homeowner fails to make a mortgage payment. Currently the Denver delinquent mortgages are 0.4%. The national delinquency rate is 1.1%. What does the term “Under Water” mean? This is when a homeowner owes more than the property is valued at. Currently in Denver the percent of homeowners underwater on their mortgage is 4.7%.

How much down payment does a buyer need in Denver, CO?

While there are some unique home loan offers around, most traditional loans will require at least 20% down to acquire a home loan. Given the median price of a Denver home, a buyer would need around $80,000 down with a minimum of $95,000.00 annual income to qualify for loan. One factor that will determine any buyer’s ability to qualify is the borrower’s debt load. More than ever, because of credit card debt borrowers are finding it difficult to qualify for the average priced home in Denver. If you need to move and sell quickly contact Reliable Home Owners Solutions, LLC for help. Close quickly for cash! learn more

We buy houses for cash!

Posted on : December 05, 2018

We buy houses in Colorado and pay cash If you are asking yourself, “Is it real?” It is! You’ve seen the signs that say, “We Pay Cash For Houses!” Maybe those signs are in your neighborhood or in other locations around your area. Perhaps you have thought about selling your home, downsizing, or cashing out to pay debts. Life happens and many times people have the need to relocate immediately for a job or family. The reality is that, not everyone needs a fast cash closing. However, for many sellers that are burdened with debt, behind on payments, facing forclosure or bankruptcy, or they can't afford costly repairs we can help!


We buy homes and close in as little as 7 days for cash! Many times sellers find themselves on overload with debt, needing to move quickly because of a job transfer, lack of funds for needed repairs, inherited real estate that poses a financial burden, tax liens, foreclosure, bankruptcy or other challenges! The “We Pay Cash for Homes and Close Fast,” concept can be a solution to real estate burdens. When a seller is in need of immediate cash, investors many times can make an equitable offer with a hassle free closing, no realtor fees, or fix up costs.

Who is Reliable Home Owners Solutions, LLC?

We are a locally owned family business with over 20 years of real estate experience in helping home owners in Colorado. When a home owner expresses the desire to “Get a Cash Offer”, we will gather some simple information, arrange a time to view the property, and present a no obligation cash offer in as little as 48 hours! The homeowner saves the cost of repairs, realtor fees, and closing costs. If your home is listed with a realtor, you may owe the realtor a fee.


There are many reasons why sellers seek our “Cash Offer” service. Often sellers are facing financial challenges, need the cash quickly and cannot go through the wait involved with listing a property for sale with a realtor. With today’s economic challenges families often find themselves strapped financially. They may not have the funds for costly repairs, taxes, or other expenses. Divorced couples may need to relocate and can benefit from a cash offer. Contact us and we will be happy to gather a small amount of information, do a brief walk through of the property, and provide you a no obligation cash offer to help you move on with life learn more